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Laurence T.D. Sperber, M.D. is a Board Certified Ophthalmic Surgeon. His main focus is Laser Vision Correction specializing in LASIK. We are also concerned with the general health of your eyes, including evaluation for cataractscorneal diseasecontact lenses, and glaucoma. We make certain that our patients understand the risks, benefits and alternatives, and guide them in choosing the best option to achieve superior visual results. Incorporating advanced technology, such as Contoura™ Vision during LASIK and the ORA™ System for cataract surgery, further minimizes risks and allows us to provide the best outcomes. 

With over 20 years of ophthalmic experience, we continue to help New York's social circles of society and the most prestigious who continue to build this city by enhancing their vision… creating comfort and success in their personal and professional lifestyle.

Our office staff prides itself on caring, with personalized attention and treatment, for our patients and their eyes.

Vision Correction

With laser vision correction, Dr. Sperber can reshape the outermost layer of the eye to reduce and even eliminate nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatisms. Combined with Wavefront technology, he can customize treatment even further to the specifics of each patient's eye. 

Cataract Surgery

Cataracts are an often inevitable part of aging: imperfections in the lens cloud vision and blur your focus. Dr. Sperber has worked with Dr. Jack Dodick to develop laser cataract surgery, an exciting new technique that incorporates laser technology into the removal of cataracts for a more rapid recovery. 

Corneal Surgery

During corneal transplantation surgery, Dr. Sperber replaces damaged tissue on the outermost layer of the eye to treat trauma and improve your sight. With a high rate of success, many patients experience vastly improved vision, although a patient's results depend heavily on their unique condition. 

I couldn’t be happier with my excellent vision resulting from laser vision correction surgery performed by Dr. Laurence Sperber. In fact, I have referred over twenty people to Dr. Sperber for laser vision correction consultations, including my two sisters, who have had the surgery and are also extremely happy.

Dr. Sperber is not only a knowledgeable and highly skilled professional, but he is “down to earth” and approachable. He keeps in close touch with patients through important follow-up visits and by phone, never hesitating to call them to answer their questions and keep them better informed regarding laser vision correction surgery.

Susan S.

With your eyes, you really want the confidence that you're with the right doctor. Someone who has done the procedure thousands of times before. Someone who teaches the procedure to others. Someone on the forefront of the technology. I had that confidence with Dr. Sperber as did my husband and many friends. We have all had fabulous results and only wish we'd done it earlier.

Annemarie I.

Dr. Laurence Sperber performed LASIK corrective surgery on my eyes two years ago. I was extremely happy with the care I received, the actual procedure, the follow up and have recommended Dr. Sperber to my friends as well.

The results are truly life-changing. Prior to surgery, I felt bad that I was never able to go snorkeling with my son or play water games like "Stuck in the Mud" with him out of fear my contacts would float away. I felt that I was missing out on some wonderful moments with my son that wouldn't come around again, and it was this desire to make the most of his childhood that prompted me to inquire about and eventually have this procedure. Now, I not only have the freedom to dive in a pool, snorkel along a reef, play "Marco Polo" in a lake, or body surf at the shore, but I can see what time it is when I awake each morning and no longer worry about falling asleep with my contacts in only to wake up feeling like I have scotch tape on my eyes.

Marcia R.