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Achieve Optimal Cataract Surgery Results with the ORA System

Dr. Laurence T.D. Sperber is an internationally recognized surgeon in New York, NY, who is committed to combining his experience and skill with the latest, most advanced ophthalmic technologies. One of the ways he achieves this goal is by using the ORA™ System to perform our patients' cataract surgery. The inclusion of this state-of-the-art technology provides Dr. Sperber with a continuous assessment and real-time analysis of the eye throughout treatment. The ability to evaluate this invaluable information can improve efficiency and precision, allowing us to provide patients with incredibly clear vision. 

Why This Technology Is Important

Without the assistance of the ORA System and VerifEye+™ Technology, preoperative measurements would have to be taken of the eye in order to choose the necessary strength of an intraocular lens (IOL). These small devices are used to replace the eye's natural lens. However, if the eye has any type of corneal irregularities or dense cataracts, these measurements can be inaccurate and result in unsatisfactory results. Patients may still achieve improved vision but the strength of the IOL may not be optimal. 

Dr. Sperber can immediately verify whether the strength of the selected IOL is appropriate and will provide the best results, as well as make fine adjustments in real time.

Additionally, prior to the development of the ORA System, the ability to assess the quality of a patient’s vision during their cataract surgery was not possible. The patient and doctor would need to wait for the eye to heal over several weeks before they could assess the accuracy of the procedure. However, with the implementation of this technology, adjustments and refinements can be made in real time during treatment. 

How Does the Technology Work?

With the ORA System, Dr. Sperber can continuously monitor the eye throughout treatment. The technology relies on a beam of low-intensity laser light, which is directed into the eye, bounced off the retina, and analyzed by special sensors. These precise measurements allow him to make any necessary adjustments in real time. The quality of a patient’s eyesight can be tested, further revisions can be made, and the vision can then be reevaluated. The doctor can immediately verify whether the strength of the selected IOL is appropriate and will provide the best results.

Benefits of ORA System Technology

ORA systemDr. Sperber understands just how important it is for his patients to improve the quality of their eyesight and achieve relief from blurred vision, dull colors, halos and star-bursts, and other symptoms of cataracts. The use of ORA System technology provides more precise, predictable results for a range of cataract patients, especially those who have previously undergone LASIK surgery or suffer from astigmatism, corneal diseases, or dense cataracts. Patients can benefit from higher quality outcomes and a reduced or eliminated dependence on visual aids. 

Choose Precise, Predictable Treatment

During a consultation, Dr. Sperber can evaluate your concerns and treatment goals. Together, you can decide whether cataract surgery using the ORA System is right for you. Please send us a message or give us a call at (212) 753-8300 to schedule an appointment today.