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Are You a Good Candidate for LASIK Eye Surgery?

If you want to reduce your dependence on glasses or contact lenses, you might be considering LASIK eye surgery. For more than 30 years, LASIK has enjoyed a reputation as a safe, reliable way for some people to get closer to 20/25 or better vision. However, not everyone is a LASIK eye surgery candidate, which is why New York, NY, ophthalmologist Dr. Laurence Sperber carefully evaluates every patient prior to performing any LASIK treatments.

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What to Expect at Your First LASIK Consultation

During your initial visit with Dr. Sperber, you can expect to discuss your comprehensive health history. Although LASIK vision correction deals with the eyes, the procedure is not always compatible with certain systemic conditions, including autoimmune disorders, or temporary healthcare problems, such as those that occur in patients who are pregnant or nursing. In general, you should be in good overall health to proceed with LASIK.

Woman undergoing evaluation with slit-lamp

A thorough eye examination is essential in determining if LASIK is appropriate for your visual health and goals. 

In addition to learning more about your medical background, Dr. Sperber will perform a thorough eye examination to rule out other problems like glaucoma or cataracts. He will also gauge your nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism to determine if LASIK eye surgery is the best solution to meet your healthcare objectives.

If Dr. Sperber determines you are a good candidate, he and his team will help you understand the financial and logistic aspects of undergoing this type of treatment. Together, you can then make the best decision for your needs.

Common Problems Affecting Candidacy

In some cases, Dr. Sperber will recommend either not performing LASIK eye surgery on a patient or waiting until a condition has stabilized and been properly addressed.

For instance, a candidate whose vision has not stabilized may need to wait for several years before pursuing treatment. Vision stabilization of at least 12 months is recommended prior to LASIK. Otherwise, the patient is likely to keep experiencing vision changes, which can negate the effects of the procedure.

Age is another important factor. Very young patients whose eyesight is still changing are usually not appropriate LASIK eye surgery candidates.

The only way to know if LASIK eye surgery is the best solution for you is to call Dr. Sperber...

Other potential problems that can affect candidacy include glaucoma, keratoconus, and cataracts. Each of these conditions requires interventions other than LASIK eye surgery. In certain situations, people with cataracts or glaucoma may be eligible for LASIK later on. However, patients with keratoconus are rarely good candidates.

Finally, individuals who suffer regularly from dry eye are typically not ready for LASIK eye surgery. Because a common side effect of LASIK is reduced tear production, they will not be able to comfortably achieve better vision during and after the surgery. However, Dr. Sperber may provide ways to resolve this issue and improve LASIK eye surgery candidacy. 

It All Starts with a Phone Call

The only way to know if LASIK eye surgery is the best solution for you is to call Dr. Sperber and make an appointment at his New York, NY office. That way, you can move forward with your plans for better vision, whether or not LASIK surgery plays a role in your future.